Human Trafficking PSA


This was an extra project that I completed in Ad Design as a contracted Honors course. I had the opportunity to work with my professor to create a PSA for something that is so important to me. I wanted to capture the brutatlity and dehumanizing nature of this crime. Through photoshopping a barcode on to the pictures I took, I wanted to expose how sex trafficking victims become products and are stripped of their basic human rights.

Gold in Graphis New Talent Annual 2018
Kick A** Juried Show Selection 2018
Kick A** Juried Show Selection 2017
2nd Place Global Innovator Human Trafficking Competition

Take Aways

This is a large issue in DFW, which is where I go to school. I would love to raise awareness of the cruelty of sex trafficking in my area. Through my research, I discovered so many shocking and heart breaking facts about this crime that I believe more people should know about. I appreciate that design can support a cause, and result in people taking action.

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